lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

Messy bun beanie hat in wool

Yes, I finally surrendered to the trend of the moment: I crocheted the infamous messy bun beanie hat and listed it in my shop. I must say it is extremely practical for long-haired people, for example for my daughter: you just let the ponytail or bun slip out of the hole on top of the hat! No more bumpy hats, yuhuu! bunhat


martedì 24 gennaio 2017

Made to order crochet dino-dragon beanie

It seems like my crochet dino-dragon beanie hat is officially my bestseller item! Here it is again, but this time the customer asked for purple crests. Lovely, isn't it? Find more details in my Etsy shop: beanie

lunedì 9 gennaio 2017

Crochet cowl scarf in wool

Gosh, it's cold outside! Even in Rome we have minus degrees. So what can you possibly do to fight these harsh winter days? Why, wear my latest crochet cowl scarf in wool, what else!! ;-) So much fun to crochet, and very practical, too, with its closing string. Now in my shop: cowl