giovedì 28 dicembre 2017

Harlequin crochet mini blanket

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I've been ill since beginning of the month, and so has my daughter...but we "survived", and I've been actively working on some crochet projects, of course. I am very proud with this mini stroller or crib blanket: very colourful, as usual, and I loved using different stitches for the different rows, even on the blue border (picot stitch all round). You find it in my shop: BLANKET

mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

NEW PATTERN RELEASE: crochet granny square top

Ready for my new pattern release? This is one of my most appreciated works so far, so I thought it would be a good idea to finally write a pattern for it, especially now, with Christmas approaching, thinking of a good DIY gift idea. What do you think? It is a granny square sweater in cotton with 2 different sides that can be swapped, in case you want to change looks. The item pictured is for a little girl, but sizing can be easily adjusted, and so can yarn. Enjoy!! DOWNLOAD PATTERN HERE

martedì 7 novembre 2017

Santa is coming: crochet Christmas slippers

I know, I know: for most of you Christmas is far away in the future, and you probably don't even want to start thinking about it... But we online sellers must think things well ahead of our time! Did you know that many will do their Christmas purchases in November this year 2017? Or so they say. Anyway, here is a small, not expensive but super cosy and warm gift idea for your festive days, from ME to YOU: crochet Christmas slippers in soft chunky wool with red cotton trim and small bow on top. Merry Happy Everything in advance! (You find them here --> crochet slippers )


mercoledì 18 ottobre 2017

Colourful crochet Poncho Capelet

You might have followed my WIP for this, and now it is finally available in my shop: crochet poncho capelet, made in stripes of different colour, yarn and stitch motif! I really enjoyed crocheting this piece, because it never got boring. I don't know about you, but I love to invent as I go, choosing colours and stitches as I work. You know what I also like? The amazing comfort and cosyness of this cape: it can really fit most sizes, you just put it on and voilà! I might do a crochet blanket like this. What do you think?
You find it here ----> poncho



lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

A crochet field of full bloom!

When you have an online shop and crochet all the time, you tend to forget about "older" projects, or rather: you tend to put them aside, store them someplace safe for future potential customers and don't think about them anymore. Well, yesterday I wanted to go back to one of my most successful projects, a mini crochet blanket throw with flower motifs, and decided to take new, fresher pictures of it. So here is the result, hope you like it :). crochet blanket throw with flowers


venerdì 22 settembre 2017

New crochet shawl in cotton for girls

I just needed the right right yarn for the right project: this romantic crochet shawl for sophisticated girls enhances the colour of the this yarn cake perfectly! So very chic, don't you think? Soon to be released in my Etsy shop (Hookloopsarah)

giovedì 14 settembre 2017

New pattern release: Tunisian crochet wingspan shawl

So, my friends, at long last: you've seen the beginning of it, you've seen it modelled.... and now the PATTERN is here!!! Wingspan Drachenschwanz shawl in cotton. Check it out in my shop: shawl 🐲🐉

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giovedì 7 settembre 2017

Simple crochet "granny" shawl

So I received this beautiful cake of yarn from Turkey, and I think the colour shade is great.... And what do you do when you receive new yarn? You immediately want to try it! Only, the right project just won't come to your mind *mumble, mumble*, so you end up doing something very simple, but that perfectly enhances the different colour shades. Like this very very simple "granny" shawl.
Have a look!

lunedì 28 agosto 2017

Crochet Halloween beanie finished!

Who would have thought I would make funny faces in front of a camera to show off my funny crochet Halloween hat with spider web motif and big, black, removable spider? Not me! hat



domenica 20 agosto 2017

domenica 6 agosto 2017

Crochet leaf

When I come to my family's house I always find older works I gave to my parents as a gift, or projects I experimented on... This leaf in cotton was a gift for my mum. I liked the result so much that I then created a full placemats set for my shop. 😃🌻💐🐝🐌🍂🍁

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mercoledì 2 agosto 2017

sabato 15 luglio 2017

New crochet bucket bag

I must say I liked crocheting this bucket bag with this lovely orange chord yarn, then adding the purple "brimming" and signature heart charm with my logo. It's a shoulder / crossbody bag, just as I like them, rather small but compact, and stiff. I also added an automatic button to safely close it. So would you like to see more of this? 😉

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domenica 9 luglio 2017

Crochet infinity scarf

In spite of it being so hot here, let me show you how my crochet infinity cowl in jasmine stitch turned out. I used a whole 150 g. cotton yarn cake of ICE Yarn to do it, but it was fun, and the colour blending fantastic. Don't you think?

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sabato 8 luglio 2017

Crochet reversible hat for kids

Didn't you always wish for a reversible hat? Thanks to this beautiful stitch, that looks adorable on both sides, I could create this kids' beanie that has been commissioned to me.

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martedì 20 giugno 2017

Hello from the holidays!

You don't think I would leave my hook back home, do you? Not ever!! Working on a couple of kids' beanies I have been commissioned. This one was inspired by the magic colours of Sardinia, where I'm spending my holidays.

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mercoledì 14 giugno 2017

New PATTERN in my shop: crochet pillow cover in jasmine star stitch

It took me quite some time to write it down, but here it is, at last: the pattern for my pillow cover in Jasmine stitch! cover. This pattern contains plenty of pictures and a link to a video tutorial in my YouTube channel. Please go visit me and subscribe!!!! I tried to make the video as short and clear as possible, let me know what you think. Hookloopsarah on YouTube


giovedì 25 maggio 2017

Easy PATTERN: crochet doorknob cover

Ever thought of this decor idea? This is super easy-peasy to do, a quick project and one that helps you use up all of those scraps of yarn "sleeping" in your skeins' basket , but very satisfying. Crochet doorknob cover!
Pattern is here: cover