giovedì 22 dicembre 2016

Crochet cat beanie with ears

I so wanted to crochet one of these from the first moment I saw one: so here it is, my very own crochet beanie or slouchy hat with cat ears, Hookloopsarah's style! How do you like it? Find it also in my shop: cat


venerdì 16 dicembre 2016

Crochet bauhaus carpet

Here is another picture of my crocheted carpet in Bauhaus style, sent by the customer who was so kind to show me how it looked in the room it was intended for. Nice, isn't it? And look at my crochet dice with name letters hanging on the wall, too. :) Very proud and happy with the result.

martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Crochet Bauhaus project

Back in October this year I was contacted by a customer who asked me for an incredibly exciting but challenging made-to-order project, i.e. the reproduction with crochet of an antique woven carpet by Bauhaus artist Benita Koch-Otte. I was lucky enough that the customer was equally enthusiastic and cooperated actively throughout the whole project with pieces of advice and directions. The carpet is 150x90 cm, it's in cotton and it took me about 1 month to complete it. The customer received it and was very happy with it. :) Here's the end result (hope I will have better pictures to show soon!).