martedì 11 ottobre 2016

Crochet balaclava hat

Funny crochet hats with animal forms, ears and so on are pretty stylish at the moment... and practical, too! They perfectly cover ears, mouth and neck, and the kids love them! Here's a pig crochet my shop. passamontagna


lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

Freeform crochet bracelet

Do you know what "freeform crochet" is? It is a pattern-free way of crocheting, a totally free and creative way of crocheting "as you go", simply putting colours, forms, stitches together in the way you like best. Objects resulting from this technique are an example of just how flexible crochet can be. Here is my first freeform jewel, a cotton bracelet in pastel colours (as usual, in my shop):bracelet


sabato 8 ottobre 2016

Crochet spiral placemat with Tunisian crochet technique

So I finally did it! After the incredible success of this spiral crocheted in Tunisian stitch, I finally decided to make a simple table placemat out of it (the yarn and the pattern are too beautiful to create something complicated) and - most of all - I finally created the PATTERN for it, too! You can find it here: SPIRAL PATTERN HERE. Enjoy!!

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martedì 4 ottobre 2016