martedì 22 marzo 2016

Dino-dragon crochet beanie for kids!


Roarrrr! How do you like my latest listing on my Etsy shop: a crochet dragon beanie for children. Or is it a dinosaur?? Oh, well... beanie

lunedì 21 marzo 2016

Another colourful crochet scoodie


I know spring is almost here - at least in Rome! - but I still love crocheting colourful scoodies! I think they are very practical for both children and adults, easy and fun to do, too. Enjoy, and find it in my Etsy shop: scoodie

mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

Crochet doorknob cover

What do you think about this idea? A colourful crochet doorknob cover for your doors. I must say I like it. This is my frontdoor, it really is original. What will my neighbours think? Maybe they want one, too! In my Etsy shop: doorknob cover

lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Survey :)

I need your help. I want to introduce new products in my shop, so maybe you can tell me what you would be most interested in seeing/buying, as a crochet product. Is it:

a) a lovely amigurumi
b) a funny beanie for kids
c) a blanket or throw
d) crochet jewellery
e) crochet bikini

That would be so interesting for me to know! Thank you for your support. Sarah xxx

venerdì 11 marzo 2016

Crochet scoodie!


I created this colourful crochet scoodie, or hooded scarf, with my girl as precious inspiration. It is warm, practical, comfortable... even for women! Find it in my Etsy shop: scoodie

lunedì 7 marzo 2016

NEW! Crochet placemat + glass coaster "Leaf"

I created these crochet placemat+glass coaster table set in 4 different colours, using 100% cotton yarn. I find this set can really improve your table decor. What do you say? You can buy it on my Etsy shop: set foglia

martedì 1 marzo 2016

Crochet bear backpack


A project you already know: my crochet backpack for school and amigurumi bear bag! You find it in my Etsy shop: zaino orso