giovedì 18 dicembre 2014

Little crochet dragon

Here is the dragon crochet beanie for Alice. She adores it! But maybe something is missing, like a pink bow, to make it more feminine?

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mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

Crochet scoodie

This is an easy, quick, fun and useful project: a scoodie, i.e. a hooded scarf, perfect for keeping the little ones warm.

giovedì 12 giugno 2014

"Alice" dice

Here is the giant die I made for my baby girl, with her name's letters crocheted on each side with jacquard technique.

mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

Crochet Bucket bag

This is a bucket bag with shoulder strap crocheted with raffia and mixed yarn. It can be closed with a colourful string of yarn mixed with silk. I am very satisfied with it, what do you think? 

lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Jacquard reversible crochet throw/blanket/rug


Tada! And here's the finished project, at last (remember I posted some pics some weeks ago?) The two pictures show front and back of the blanket, and you can see that...they look the same! There is no "ugly" side and no trace of loose yarn ends anywhere, thanks to this special technique, in which I work incorporating the yarn in different colours while crocheting, instead of changing colour in the traditional way. I hope you like it!